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Monday, February 16, 2004

A couple of friends have and/or are undergoing surgeries, treatments, is a longtime friend from out West who will be undergoing some life-altering surgery this week (yes, THAT surgery :) I wish her all the best, the culmination of a long journey that she has handled better than just about anyone I know...also, I have a friend in Vermont who has dealt with a few surgeries and treatments, the results of which have unfortunately not proven as successful as hoped, but who has kept a positive spirits throughout. I'll be keeping both of them in my thoughts and prayers...

"Girl, you'll be a woman soon..."

Sunday, February 08, 2004

So two atoms are sitting next to each other and one says, "I've lost an electron."
The other asks, "Are you sure?"
"Yeah," the first atom replies. "I'm positive!"

Badda-bing! :)

"You ask me if there'll come a time/When I grow tired of you/Never, my love..."

Friday, February 06, 2004


"I was only joking my dear/Looking for a way to hide my fear..."

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


What a game! This one just may have been more exciting than the previous win two years ago! Credit has to be given to the Carolina Panthers, they played an outstanding game, this one seemed like it was going to come down to whoever had the ball last was going to win, but the Pats had just a little bit more! A great game! Further this team is built for the long haul- they have a lot of draft picks available (to use and/or for trade), their cap numbers are good, and they have a group of talented younger players (particularly on offense) who will be hitting their stride the next few seasons. The football future in New England looks bright indeed...Go Pats!!! (I guess now it's time to begin paying attention to college hoops, haven't really followed 'em too much yet...all I know is that my Minutemen have been struggling some this season.)

It's odd- I've met/befriended quite a few people as Kellie over the years now...interestingly, many, indeed, most of the nicest, most caring people have been "admirers" moreso than other "girls." One might figure that women, even TG'd, would be more, I dunno, caring, or empathetic, or supportive, or simply FRIENDS, but my experience (and maybe this is just me) has been that many (I can't say ALL!) of the just plain nicest people I've had the good fortune and pleasure to know- whether as friends, or romantic interests, or anywhere in between- as a result of my TGism have been, well, guys (and not just for THAT reason, either- get yer mind out of the gutter! :) I've appreciated these folks, more than perhaps they realize (and one of 'em is going on a nice lil trip soon- and I can't go! Waaaaaahhhh! :) and, if any of 'em still read this, I just wanna thank you!

"I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life..."

Sunday, February 01, 2004


They say you never forget your first time...I'm talking about Super Bowl victories! What else would I mean?? The Super Bowl is less than 12 hours away, woohoo! I doubt there will ever be a playoff run, and a game with all of the drama and last-second excitement of the Pats win two years ago (yes, I KNOW there were a couple of Bowl's just as- and even- closer, but they didn't include MY team, ok? :) but it's still exciting to have the Pats playing for the title. People who may not have grown up around here or who aren't lifelong Patriots fans, might not realize how fulfilling it is to see our team finally considered one of the premier teams and franchises in the NFL- I mean, these are- or at least, were- the laughingstock Patriots, the Patsies, a team with a history not only often mediocre but frequently bizarre. The Super Bowl? That was for teams like the Cowboys, the Dolphins, Steelers, Redskins, 49ers, etc...certainly not the guys down in Foxboro! But now...Anyway, on to the game...First, have to give the Panthers their due, they're a solid team, well-coached, decent season from their QB Delhomme, good receivers, good ground game, sturdy don't get to the Super Bowl by accident. There's a reason the Panthers are there this season and the Cowboys, Rams ("Greatest Show on Turf?" Hmmm...), and Eagles aren't. And for a team that was 1-15 just two seasons ago, what a remarkable turnaround. But...

The Pats have faced teams with similar strengths throughout the playoffs, and come out on top. And there IS a reason why the Pats had the best record in the NFL this season- like the Panthers, they earned it, even over-coming the skein (good word, huh?!) of injuries they sustained early on. I could go on, and on...Anyway, with a little over 11 hours to go, my prediction: Pats 24-14 Cats. MVP...Antowain Smith? Go Pats!

"It's a beautiful day..."