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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Got a rockin' haircut last week- my gal Alyson does fantastic work, even working with my hair! Slowly but surely I am beginning to make/take more "me" time than I have in, well, in too long. I'm still maintaining the responsibilities and loyalties that I have in my various walks of life but I'm not allowing myself to be overwhelmed by them as I- too often- had done in my past. Physically I'm still feeling fine; in a perverse way I sometimes think I feel healthier than I ever have. Strange- but good!

Back to the Super Bowl- Go Pats!!! It should be a fascinating, and close, match-up. The Pats defense has been playing much better over the last month and half or so, particularly the front 7. They're going to need to pressure Manning and contain the Giants run game to take some of the pressure off of our secondary, which should be tested by the Giants' receivers. Offensively the Pats should have to establish the run a bit more- Benny Green-Ellis, Danny Woodhead, and potentially Aaron Hernandez out of the backfield again- to take some of the pressure off of Brady and the passing game, force the Giants to respect the run enough to potentially free up Welker, Gronk (who will be healthy enuf to play!) Hernandez, Deion Branch, et al... a bit more. The Giants have played well over the last third of the season, and Tom Coughlin is a sharp coach but it is difficult for me to see a Belichick-coached team losing to an opponent twice in one season (11/6, NYG 24- 20 NE; the Pats last loss, BTW.) The wiseguys currently have the Pats installed as a 2.5- 3 pt. favorite; I haven't played it yet. Go Pats!!! (And two UMass guys will have prominent roles: Pats SS James Ihedigbo and Giants WR Victor Cruz.)

What I'm Reading Now: Blink Of An Eye, William S. Cohen

Bill would bar prisons from paying for inmate sex changes I realize it may get me booted from "the Sisterhood" but, as in the case with Robert Kosilek here in Massachusetts, why should taxpayers be forced to pony up the $$ for such convicted felons? Further, there are thousands of law-abiding transsexuals, people who did not violate the laws of society to such an extent that their fellow citizens found them deserving of imprisonment, who do not receive hair removal, HRT, SRS at taxpayer expense. Why should their hard-earned dollars, via their taxes, go to enable criminals to receive those? Priorities, people...
8 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks With all due respect to wrinkle cream, the right foundation or lipcolor can make you look younger — instantly. See for yourself with these super-fast solutions. What gal doesn't want that?!
FBI releases plans to monitor social networks Imagine if this occurred under the previous Administration? We'd be hearing cries of incipient fascism and the like. But now... nothing to see here folks, move along.
The New Theories of Moral Sentiments The economic historian who is bringing love, faith, courage and virtue back into her discipline... she asks whether one can participate fully in the modern capitalist economy and still be a moral person. Ms. McCloskey is a free marketeer and used to be a close personal friend of Milton Friedman... In the mid-1990s, Ms. McCloskey went through another radical transformation, changing her gender and ditching her given first name, Donald, to become Deirdre.
The Secret Power Of Introverts ...before the twentieth century, we lived in what historians called a “culture of character,” when you were expected to conduct yourself morally with quiet integrity. But when people starting flocking to the cities and working for big businesses the question became, how do I stand out in a crowd? We morphed into a “culture of personality,” which she says sparked a fascination with glittering movie stars, bubbly employees and outgoing leadership.

"She's always out making pictures/She's always out making scenes/She's always out the window/When it comes to making dreams.... "

Friday, January 20, 2012

I had a- routine- CT scan earlier this week; great results! Nothing new or worrisome showed up, and the existing tumors had all shrunk appreciably, again (last scan was early last fall.) The oncologists seem very pleased with the results, as well as my continued response to and ability to tolerate the chemo regimen. My med people tell me that I'm doing a lot to stay healthy and strong but to me it just seems like I'm only doing what I've always done, no big thing. But apparently it is paying off, keeping me healthy. So good news!!!

Got a new pair of running shoes- Saucony again (natch! ProGrid Triumph 8.) Finally time to retire what I call my "recovery" running shoes (got me back up to 7+ miles/morning- tho' I'm currently confined to an indoor treadmill at the gym, cold is affecting me too much this winter, dammit.) Also purchased a new winter coat (wool, camel, knee length- nice!) Hafta make an appointment to get my hair done again next week; between the dry winter air, and just that I let it go too long it needs it...

Playoff fever- Go Pats! A phenomenal performance vs. Denver last weekend, in all facets of the game, with a few different wrinkles thrown into the game plan as well. Baltimore should pose a tougher challenge but if the Pats play like they did last weekend hopefully a Pats win for my birthday! :) Not having my best season AT$ this year, even struggling on college hoops (which in the past has been my best moneymaker.) I am in the black, but not comfortably- and I depend upon it to supplement my income. Whaddya gonna do...

What I'm Reading Now: The Drop, Michael Connelly; America Walks Into A Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns and Saloons, Speakeasies and Grog Shops, Christine Sismondo

Items of note:
NJ lawmaker apologizes for "gaybirds" post A New Jersey legislator has apologized for a post on a social media site that referred to the Philadelphia Eagles as "gaybirds" and the Dallas Cowboys as "cowgirls." Assemblyman Charles Mainor, D-Jersey City... Worth noting to those under the misguided perception that anti-gay sentiments are solely the province of Republicans and conservatives.
How to Get Unstuck New Years resolutions or not!
The Constitution and the Coot ...a sad conclusion: that the job of the constitutional candidate — the ombudsman for the founding document, the champion of the framers — is unlikely to appeal to anyone except the humorless crank at the end of the bar. And that’s not Ron Paul’s fault. That’s ours. Gary Johnson was my preferred GOP candidate but, given that they drove him out of the party I do find Ron Paul's candidacy interesting.
Single By Choice When it comes to getting hitched, more Americans than ever before are saying "I don't." Singles now make up nearly half the adult population in this country, and new research suggests they’re happier, more social, and more active in the community than many of their wedded counterparts. As with many things there are pros and cons.

"Take it easy, baby/Take it as it comes..."