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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've said it countless times in the past but it's true- October is the absolutely most gorgeous month in New England! And this October has been especially beautiful, with great weather, some warm days, some cool days. Fall has always been the season that I've felt most alive, and this fall- so far!- hasn't disappointed! (And I'm not even talking about the Red Sox... yet ;) )

Speaking of alive I received pretty good news on my most recent CT scan, which I had earlier this week. Virtually unchanged from my last one in July; no progression, no spread to other organs, no new tumors on my liver, the existing tumors haven't increased in size. Good! My oncologist wants to continue on my current regimen for awhile longer, wring as much efficacy as we can out of it. Beyond that she thinks that we might want to consider chemoembolization; while I don't have liver cancer per se (I had/have colon cancer that spread to my liver) where my cancer, the tumors, etc... are confined to my liver she spoke with folks who do that procedure and they said that it may well be worth doing. It may be a lil painful, and would involve a 2-day in-patient stay followed by a week or so of some down time (for me) and then do it again in about a month but it does show some promise. Beyond that there is also a trial involving immunotherapy (a sort of hot area of research in cancer treatment currently) that looks like it may commence in February or March- apparently she thinks I'll still be around then! ;) 

This mid-month has been pretty busy for me, haven't had a lot of free time recently but that should be easing up this week, with more leeway to my schedule again- whew! I haven't been out too much recently but am looking forward to doing so as time once again permits, meeting up with some good, good people again! :)  Bust out the fall wardrobe, plus I've been picking up a few odds and ends...

It's been a very lackluster season for me against the spread so far, ugh. While ahead, I haven't done nearly as, um, well as I've done in seasons past. Hopefully the latter part of football season, combined with the start of the college basketball season, will prove more profitable... How 'bout those Red Sox?! I have one friend who is a Detroit-area native and Tigers fan- sorry, you! And a big win in game 1 of the World Series last night- go Sox! A disappointing loss by the Pats to the Jersey Jets last Sunday; yeah, I get that the pushing penalty has now become a point of emphasis amongst officials, but on a 50-something yard field goal in OT?! C'mon! Having said that the Pats do have several areas they still need to address to become more competitive as November, December, and the playoffs approach.

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