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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A few thoughts on yet ANOTHER gray, damp, cool morning in May...(and IS this May? May 26?! Feels more like March 26, waaaaaahhhh!)

Yes, the weather has been kinda frightful around these parts of late; we have had some days that have been nicer, warmer, sunnier, but hardly what one could call a nice stretch of late spring/summery feeling weather...this has seemed like the winter that just does NOT want to end! What little tan I had gotten is starting to fade...moreso, the cool, damp air and gray skies just are not uplifting at all! Las Vegas, here I come!!! Seriously, we NEED some nice weather around here...

I don't understand the thought processes of folks sometimes. I got an email the other day, nothing much, just a gal ostensibly saying she liked my site and stuff, and telling me a little bit about herself. So I responded w/ a friendly lil note, thanking her for her comments, asking about her, etc...again, nothing special, just being polite. I get a one of those "mail delivery problem" messages back saying this person is not receiving email from my address. WHY bother sending me a note if you don't wish me to respond?! Some strange folks out there I guess...

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I've never been a great sleeper anyway- it takes me forever to fall asleep, and no matter what, I can seldom sleep in much past 6am at the latest. But lately I've been sleeping even more poorly, not falling asleep until way past midnight, or waking several times thru the night, etc...not sure why. I don't have any more on my mind than I usually do, nothing "bad" has happened to me, I dunno...and I've felt WAY more tired lately, the point where some of my workouts have been suffering, just been lacking pep, get-up-and-go...I've been trying to tweak my diet a bit, eat better (I had slacked off a bit in that department, w/ the predictable results- Boohoo!) hopefully that, and (she types w/ fingers crossed!) warmer, sunnier weather will make me feel better, more energetic again. Or maybe I just need a good...night's sleep! :)

I always have more things I wanna add here, then forget 'em when I actually sit down to type (and I'm not even a blonde! Sorry, blondes! :)

"You're always dancin' down the street/With your suede blue eyes/And every new boy that you meet/He doesn't know the real surprise..."

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Random musings...

Before I begin, I see Blogger has changed things around a little bit since my last entry, hopefully it still works the same...

Speed bumps. A good concept in theory, something to slow traffic where traffic needs to be slowed. But...the idea is to SLOW traffic, not STOP traffic, is it not? Where my mother lives, there are bumps that are SO @#$*ing high that: A- one is forced to come to a complete stop; B- even doing so, when proceeding over them, the back end of my car always gets slammed, no matter how slowly I drive over them! And do you ever do this whenever possible- drive around the edges or sides of a speed bump, so that only two of your tires acutally have to go over it, instead of all four? (I do! :)

Supermarkets. More specifically, baggers. OK, as a kid, I never did that job; did work in the deli for awhile, but never was a bagger. But I digress...WHY is it, when these kids come back in to the store after wheeling a customer's stuff out to their car, they ALWAYS come in thru the exit door? Is it THAT much further, does it take THAT much more time, to come in thru the entrance door? I don't know how many times, when I've been down to a suburban supermarket, when I'm leaving the store, some bagger kid always comes stumbling in the exit door. And they almost NEVER get out of the customers' way! C'mon kids- you're young, you're healthy, you're probably looking to kill an extra minute or so here and there; come back in via the entrance! (I dunno, maybe the store managers tell them to, I'll have to ask my "sources" in the supermarket industry!)

Been reading a bit of "self-help"-type stuff recently...this self can use all the help she can get at times! Nothing major, but a lotta stuff about trying to find/create more purpose, organize/prioritize things better, break of of ruts, the perennial stuff readers of this blog have read here ad nauseum for too long! As much as anything, it's about sustaining progress, maintaining created better habits, building upon past successes, and so forth. There are things I have accomplished personally in recent years that I can use as, what, motivators, examples, etc...of what can happen, what good, positive change can occur, by exercising a bit of effort and sticking with it. I need to apply these lessons to a couple of other parts of my much as anything, for me, it's simply a matter of REMEMBERING to do these things. So often, I settle into less productive actions simply out of habit, simply not paying attention to and making the effort to change/create better, different, more beneficial habits.

I miss ephedra...

"My boy lollipop/You make my heart go giddyup/You are sweet as candy/You're my sugar dandy..."

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Another weekend spent doing what I'd NOT been wanting to do- 'nuf ced.

I often think that, many times, many people mistake my generally laid-back, relatively easy-going demeanor for a lack of intelligence, as if because I seldom get too upset over slights, impositions, and the like, that I'm too dimwitted to notice them. One word to the wise- no. Perhaps my seeming equanimity stems not from any lack of notice by me, but rather, a lack of importance to me, of slights, impositons, etc...and/or the people and situations that cause them. In addition, I've made a very conscious effort to not get as agitated, as angry, as "male" over many things as I once frequently did (still have some work to do @ times on that score!) I know, not the most warm-hearted of posts, but food for thought...Happy b-day, D :)

"I've got pieces of April/But it's a morning in May..."