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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well, she's fashionably lean
And she's fashionably late
She'll never wreck a scene
She'll never break a date...
-Twentieth Century Fox, The Doors (is this a lil more upbeat?!)

A few people had asked- I wasn't referring to myself in my previous post (Unhappy Girl.) I was thinking of a few people I know, and I suppose there is some truth to the suggestion that we sometimes lock ourselves in prisons of our own making, of our own device. But me? Nah- I'm a pretty happy gal! But thanks for asking :)

BIG congrats to a very good friend who scored a nice new gig as executive director of his local chamber of commerce- WTG! Nice to see the leaves and the flowering trees and all coming out again. Boston in winter is as gray as any city can be but once spring has sprung it can be really pretty, May and October being perhaps the nicest, prettiest months of the year... Been getting in some pretty good- and consistently good!- runs lately as well; much easier to pound the pavement @ 5:30am when it's warmer and lighter than 20-something degrees, a stiff wind, and dark... Still been busier than I'd like to be; whaddya gonna do... Hafta do something about my grays- far too many of 'em showing up, waaaahhh...

What I'm Reading Now: finishing up a re-read of Party Of One, Anneli Rufus (no, I'm not necessarily a loner, either!)

Items of note:
Everyone Walks on the Wild Side (interesting, particularly considering the source)
The Right Way To Date Multiple Men At The Same Time (for those inclined to do so; I'm not!)
Individualism in Real Life (review of "Soul Surfer," about shark-bitten surfer Bethany Hamilton)
The 6 Snacks You Should Eat Every Day (I luv Greek yogurt, and have Kashi GoLean in my pantry)
Cut Carbs To Cut Liver Fat Curbing carbohydrates is more effective than cutting calories for individuals who want to quickly reduce the amount of fat in their liver, report researchers.

Go Bruins!

Monday, April 25, 2011

An under-appreciated gem from The Doors...
Unhappy Girl, The Doors

Unhappy girl
Left all alone
Playing solitaire
Playing warden to your soul
You are locked in a prison
Of your own device
And you can't believe
What it does to me
To see you

Unhappy girl
Tear your web away
Saw thru all your bars
Melt your cell today
You are caught in a prison
Of your own device

Unhappy girl
Fly fast away
Don't miss your chance
To swim in mystery
You are dying in a prison
Of your own device.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Five Things People May Not Know About Me... (or may not care to know!)

  • I'm a sucker for 60's pop romance songs, the sappier the better; Dusty Springfield, Mamas and Papas, the Seekers (I'll Never Find Another You always brings me to tears...)

  • I pray every night before bed.

  • I'm a whiz in the kitchen, especially Italian dishes!

  • I'm not as tough as people think I am- I'm just pretty good at hiding things

  • I tend to think- and act- as if things will remain status quo, that there will always be time to pursue X. That isn't the case.

(I was going to list Spontaneity is something I'm not good at but anyone who remotely knows me knows that fact already.)

What I'm Reading Now: If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This, stories- Robin Black

Random thoughts... Once again I need to get my hair done soon; stylists keep up and leaving on me (I know, I need to find/make/take time to get it done more frequently than I do as well...) While the Sox open up today (in Texas) I woke up to see- and ran in!- that four-letter word that begins with an "s"- SNOW! Ugh! We only got about 2" here but north and west of town they got a decent amount. Sometimes I think the biggest fools, April or otherwise, are those of us who live in New England in the winter... Wondering when the Loony Left is going to get around to marching in the streets, calling the Obama Regime war criminals, and comparing him to Hitler for launching attacks upon a poor Muslim nation that neither attacked us nor posed any immediate or viable threat to us; after all, the Left is principled... aren't they??? (I won't be holding my breath waiting.) Not one of my Final Four actually made it to the Final Four! Nice picking, Kel (at least I did well ATS this season :) Had to get my windshield replaced earlier this week- a crack very low on it running almost the entire length. No clue of what caused it...

10 on shuffle...

  • Pretty Girls Don't Cry, Chris Isaak

  • My Moon My Man, Feist

  • Isobel, Dido

  • Road Man, Smash Mouth

  • That's Life, Frank Sinatra

  • Theme for Young Lovers, Blue Hawaiians

  • Bound To You, Shawn Colvin

  • Magic Man, Heart

  • Abandoned Masquerade, Diana Krall

  • I Wanna Marry You, Bruce Springsteen (from his best disc, The River)

"You never smile girl, you never speak/You just walk on by darlin', week after week..."