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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yeah, and that's why it's still a mystery to me
Why some people live like they do
So many nice things happenin' out there
They never even seen the clues...
Migration, Jimmy Buffett
(Yeah, I've been on a lil bit of a Buffett kick lately; hey, it's getting near summer, sun and fun!)

A lil philosophical this evening, and simply my .02, but... The above lines put me in mind of those whom I refer to as the perpetually aggrieved, those people who seem to largely live their lives angry, bitter, and complainingly miserable, over a variety of things- politics, personal relationships, careers, often (in our cases) their transgenderism, you name it. I don't discount the frustrations, the difficulties over these things; I've experienced some of them in my life from time to time as well. I've experienced setbacks in the past with relationships, my career, I'm hardly a fan of the current Administration, and more. And a death sentence of stage 4 cancer can be frustrating and difficult to deal with at times. The key to me seems to be to not obsess or wallow over such things to the point where they overwhelm and end up becoming and defining us. Rather than look at things as troubles and obstacles to simply complain about, to wail about how it's not fair, to live in woe and misery and fear- often made much worse by one's own doing- it is better to view these things as challenges, as things to make every best effort to surmount and overcome and change for the better. There's a saying I came across not long ago: "You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf" (Jon Kabat-Zinn.) Rather than beat one's head against a wall or lament over what seems impossible to change it is better to ride and attempt to master the waves of life, do what we can to change, improve, or at least make peaceful accommodation with the challenges and such that we are presented with, rather than complain that we cannot push back the tide. Complaining and misery and anger and oh woe is me have never solved anything. Pro-active, positive action and mindset can.

And more- for the perpetually aggrieved, they truly are missing out on so much because they are wrapped in anger, bitterness, and negativity. So many nice things happenin' out there/They never even seen the clues... It's true! There is a lot of good in life, in things small and large. It's a matter of seeking out, recognizing, and most importantly making the effort to enjoy them, rather than wallow in the miserable, the negative. Again, I don't discount anyone's difficulties- we all have them- but, like Mr. Buffett, it's still a mystery to me/Why some people live like they do... allowing themselves to wallow in their misery, unhappiness, despair, and misfortune. Doing so we miss out on so much of the good, the pleasure, the joy that is living, that is life.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sometimes a man can feel this emptiness
Like a woman has robbed him of his very soul
A woman too, God knows, she can feel like this
And when your world seems cold you've got to let you spirit take control...

Gotta let your soul shine
Shine 'til the break of day...
It was a year ago today that I met with my oncologists for the first time. I had just gotten out of the hospital earlier that week, and I had no idea what to expect; if they were going to tell me I had three months to live, if I had to undergo more surgery, radiation treatment, an onerous chemo regimen, I had no idea. Just as I was pulling into the garage at BIDMC of all the songs that could have been playing Soulshine came on my car radio. It had to be more than just coincidence. And I felt that, somehow, things were going to be alright. One year from that day I feel well, ten feet tall and bulletproof, even tho' I know- eventually, at some point- things will get worse. Shine 'til the break of day...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

One year!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Diana Krall - Temptation