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Friday, December 30, 2005

The hackneyed year-end posting...

2005. Not the worst of years, not the most spectacular of years, for myself and for the larger world, simply the typical assortment of both highs and lows, with much- what?- ordinariness to fill in the spaces. I can't complain, but I can't say I'll be sad to leave 2005 behind, either. A thoroughly average year.

I'm not much for gung-ho resolutions and such, never really have been. Moreso, I try to focus on a few things, a few areas or items in my life, that I can affect some meaningful, consistent action upon to improve the quality of same. Physically- overall I'm in pretty good shape, and have maintained being in pretty good shape. What I struggle with to any degree is usually that "last 7-8 pounds"...those 7-8 lbs that I lose, gain back, lose again, etc...the ones that, when I consistently keep them off, make me feel and, I believe, look just that little bit more energetic and healthy. More than anything it is simply a matter of maintaining just a bit more discipline, a bit more consistency, perhaps tweaking just a bit my eating habits, cutting back once again on some of the "bad" carbs, being a bit more consistent in maintaining the higher/lean protein regimen I feel best doing. Not a biggie, just hafta stay consistent...Another thing I need to work more diligently on is being patient with others. I have a tendency not to suffer, I don't want to say fools, but, um, those who aren't quite with my program, as it were, far less patiently than I should. I also need to improve my being more patient in accepting certain circumstances, not letting myself become as frustrated and overwhelmed as I sometimes do. Similarly, I need to work on being a bit less demanding of others, more accepting of their quirks and such, than at times I often am...Lord knows I have enuf quirks and failings of my own needing acceptance and patience! By the same token, I could probably stand to be a bit more demanding of myself...And as more than a few folks can attest, I need to work on budgeting/balancing my time more effectively- far too often, I simply let time get away from me. It's not so much that I waste time (tho' there's probably some of that as well) but moreso that I simply do not budget my time effectively enough to do more of the things I want to do...I also should endeavor to develop more courage, more confidence, in my ability to affect positive change in my life, be it professionally, socially, physically, emotionally, what have you...having confidence and faith in the talents, skills, abilities, etc...that I possess, and taking the initiative to improve upon them, as well as to acquire those I might be lacking in...despite how I may come across, sometimes I'm not as confident or self-assured as I may seem...positive risk-taking might be the best way of defining this...And over-riding all of these is simply: focus. To stay focused on these things I am trying to work on, change, and improve, not letting myself become so pre-occupied with the day-to-day, the immediate, that I lose focus on, lose sight of, the longer-range, longer-term betterment I wish to enact.

On a sappier note...I am thankful for all of the many good people I'm blessed to be surrounded by in all of my walks of life ;) I only wish I could make the time to see more of you more often (what did she write above? Something about budgeting/balancing her time more effectively? Do it, Kellie!)

Lastly- to any and all I may have hurt or disappointed, intentionally or unintentionally, over the course of the past year, I apologize, and ask your forgiveness. For those who have hurt and/or disappointed me, intentionally or unintentionally, I offer my forgiveness.

Happy New Year to everyone, and warmest wishes for a safe, fulfilling, and prosperous 2006!

"We're caught in the trade winds/The trade winds of our time..."

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thoughts while running this morning...(and a good run it was!)

I don't know who is more obnoxious- the folks who get irate over "Happy Holidays" (or "Season's Greetings") instead of "Merry Christmas," or the folks who get irate over any mention or recognition of Christmas. To the first group- lighten up! With the exception of a relatively small number of true malcontents (the same folks who protest recognition of Columbus Day, Independence Day, and just about any other US holiday save for Martin Luther King Day) there IS no "War on Christmas." OK? There is nothing wrong with an individual, an institution, a business, or a government being a bit more- what?- inclusive of the holidays. It isn't a denial of Christmas. Certainly it is not worth organizing a protest over. If one is that incensed over it, contact the appropriate person, use your power of the purse and don't patronize a place that so "offends" your sensibilites, have another cup of eggnog, and relax! As for the second group- anyone who is that offended by a wish of Merry Christmas, or the display of a decorated tree or a baby in a manger, be it by an individual, an institution, a business, or even- horrors!- in a public space with the tacit approval of the government, desperately needs to get a life. It is NOT the imposition of a Christian theocracy upon America; it is simply recognition of a holiday celebrated by roughly 75% of Americans. Get it? If "multiculturalism" and "inclusiveness" and "tolerance" are to mean anything beyond mere politically-correct platitudes, these should extend to the nominal beliefs of roughly 3/4 of your fellow citizens, yes? And no matter where you fall on this, it'll all be over before you know it anyway (until next year!)


"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..."

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Feelin' MUCH better again...but whew, that was a nasty lil I mentioned to one of my friends, this was the first time I've suffered anything other than either the occassional cold, an overuse/athletic-type injury, or a, um, "self-inflicted" ailment since I can't remember when. Truth be told, this bug felt quite like a hangover- nausea, queasiness, headache, weak-feeling, etc...- that just didn't want to quit. But I'm better it's a matter of catching up on some calls, messages, email, etc...and also, doing some meaningful Christmas shopping! Ack! Usually I'm pretty good about it, I'm not one of those who waits until 5pm Christmas Eve to start their shopping (like, for sister!) But I have some catching up to do on that this year...

And it must be Christmas time- I've heard Feliz Navidad enough now to make my ears bleed! And the various lights, displays, etc... in and around the city are looking quite pretty, quite festive...I think it must be odd to live somewhere where it's warm and all for Christmas. Much as I've never really liked the l-o-n-g, cold, dark, snowy winters in New England, and as I've often thought I'd luv to live in the desert Southwest (I've mentioned it before- it's an area that has always appealed greatly to me- in part probably because it is just so very different form New England) nevertheless Christmas- and Thanksgiving, too- are holidays that somehow seem as if they should be spent in a colder clime, be it New England, the mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, like that. It must be really odd to folks who are warm-weather transplants from places like New England or the Midwest to have Christmas day be like 70 degrees...

I have one friend who is struggling a bit this holiday- her mother has been sick. Seeing a loved one, even an older parent, fall ill is never pleasant, but to have it happen around the holidays is just that much worse...and that gal has had a few things to struggle with this past year as is...I'm thinking of ya...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Monday, December 12, 2005

Just a quickie...

Been battling a nasty stomach bug. I felt it come on last Friday, had it since. First time I've been under-the-weather (aside from the occassional cold) that hasn't been either an athletic/overuse injury kind of thing, or, um, "self-inflicted" since I really can't remember when (truth be told it feels similar to a hangover- nausea, queasiness, headache, weak feeling, etc...) I don't believe it's a flu, but yuck.

I realize I'm behind on returning calls, messages, email, etc...I'll try to catch up ASAP.