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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goofin' off on a working Tuesday evening...

Did the earth move for you?? I didn't feel any shaking from that earthquake earlier today, tho' they said it was felt this far north... I've been getting in some seriously good runs the last few days, both in terms of increasing my distance as well as lowering my min/mile- some very good workouts at the gym as well, lifting as well as cardio; yeah, I'm patting myself on the back! I also bought a few new items recently, as well as went thru my wardrobe to see what no longer fits, what was looking a bit worn or not my style any longer. Due to reasons I've mentioned previously I really haven't had much (read: any) time to go out in awhile now, hence my wardrobe, save for real day-to-day type stuff, had been kinda neglected. So I did need- and wanted- a few new items (and I'm not done yet!) I bought a flattering little red dress, a totally cute retro-ish black and white checked dress, and a square neck black and yellow 3/4 sleeve top (the square neck style tends to work well for me.) Now I just need to find/make/take time to have somewhere to go/something to do to wear 'em out...

What I'm Reading Now: The Next Decade: Where We've Been . . . and Where We're Going, George Friedman; The Nomination, William G. Tapply

News to lose...
Our Gay-Marriage Experiment Obama is “evolving” on the issue, and so are voters.
Questioning Faith: Where is God When We Hurt? How could an all-powerful and loving God allow such suffering? This question is often posed in the form of an argument for or against God's existence.
These Women Pack Heat Anyone thinking that Betty Lacy can't take care of herself better think twice because the 81-year-old widow from Meridian is packing heat.
Inmate sex change In the end, what should be recalled is that we're discussing convicted felons, most of whom don't end up in the Gray-Bar Hotel for their first or second offense. Inmates deserve humane treatment and decent food. Otherwise, it's prison.

10 on shuffle...
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) ABBA
Maneater, Hall & Oates
Train Kept A Rollin', Aerosmith
Girl, Duffy
I Feel Love, Donna Summer
Straight Shooter, The Mamas & The Papas
Marie, Steve Earle
Private Life, The Pretenders
Sailing, Christopher Cross
Heart Of The Night, Poco

"In the heart of the night/In the cool Southern rain/There's a full moon in sight/Shining down on the Pontchartrain..."

Friday, August 12, 2011

I don't want to make this a constant medical update, but for those who have asked: I'm feeling good, very good! My first round of chemo went alright, I seemed to have tolerated it pretty well; the most noticeable side effect being an increased sensitivity to cold (which I was told to expect- made enjoying a cold beer unpleasant) which seems to have subsided with time but apparently will be recurring, and likely cumulative. Slight fatigue for a couple of days but hardly debilitating. I've been able to maintain a near-normal schedule. Fitness-wise I've been able to increase my running mileage as well as my time and intensity on the StairMaster and LifeStride machines and have regained a little strength on the weights. It's still difficult for me to reconcile how seriously ill- or at least how extensive my illness is-I'm told that I am/it is with how well, how normal, I currently feel. There are too many good people who are doing and/or feeling worse than I currently am. I still feel ten feet tall and bulletproof- may it continue...

Can anyone make sense of the stock market right now?! Can you say volatility? Where will it go today? There is only so much (thankfully!) government can do for the economy- lower personal and corporate tax rates, allowing business to be competitive not overly encumbered/strangled with regulation, not crowding out the private sector, keeping deficits and debt within reasonable/manageable levels- so I'm not going to get into bashing Washington too much except to say that the whole debt ceiling battle was an embarrassment; no one covered themselves with glory. If these are the best people we have to lead our country they sure make the case for limited- and limiting- government. Just get out of the way...

The Pats looked pretty good last night in their preseason opener last night, especially given that very few of their first unit players played. Rookie RB Stevan Ridley and 2nd year players Taylor Price (WR) and Dane Fletcher (LB) stood out, as did both backup QBs (Brian Hoyer, rookie Ryan Mallett.) If nothing else there appears to be adequate depth on the Pats roster... One aspect of my illness is that I have lost some weight and body mass; a lot of my clothes don't fit! I haven't had a lot- ok, any- time to go out in awhile but I need to buy a few new- and smaller- items. Size 6 anyone??? (And unfortunately, my primary care doc strongly recommended that I stop HRT, due primarily to increased blood clot risk from the cancer as well as possible adverse interaction vis a vis chemo regimen. I'll revisit this with him at some point...)

What I'm Reading Now: Decision Points, George W. Bush; The Dead Detective, William Heffernan

"She's as sweet as tupelo honey/She's an angel of the first degree..."