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Friday, July 30, 2004

Another quickie...Went down to Foxboro this morning to catch the am practice session at Pats training camp. Fun time, the weather was good (for watching!) and the practice set-up there is quite nice, a far cry from the old days down @ Smithfield. Must've been a crowd of, I dunno, 2500-3000 maybe (not bad for 8:45am on a Friday.) I ended up going down w/ a friend of mine from high school; a bunch of used to go a few times every summer, but I think this may have been the first time I've been in at least 5 years...The "Big Cat" IS a monster! He'll strengthen that O-line, good signing...I'm ready for some football- Go Pats!

"And I'd trade all of my tomorrows for a single yesterday..."

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Just a quickie...

The DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS open training camp today! Are ya ready for some football?! Go Pats! :)

"We are the champions/Of the world!"

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Goofin' off on a rainy Wednesday noontime in the Belly of the Beast, Bawstin!

DNC- should stand for Do Not Come, as Boston, since the Democratic convention started, has resembled a ghost town! Seriously, other than delegates (easy to tell, w/ their credentials around their necks, and festooned with Kerry/Edwards buttons...and a few other ways, too!) and assorted law enforcement officers (and dogs) the city has been pretty deserted for this time of year. Sadly, it seems that the much-anticipated economic boom due to the DNC hasn't occurred, both papers reporting businesses seeing sharp drop-offs in, well, business this week. I understand the need for security, and- as I type- nothing untoward has occurred, thankfully. But the dire warnings given re. the "siege" of Boston this week, government and even some business leaders imploring non-DNC related folks to stay home, has resulted in an emptier-than-usual city. But it has been easy to get around town...

Alright, as anyone who has poked around both this blog and my larger website can probably figure, I'm not especially enamored of ultra-liberal politics, or the actions and tactics of many who espouse them. But...and again, I will give this the caveat of understanding the need for increased security and vigilence in this post 9/11 world...the "pen" that has been set-up for demonstrators to the DNC (and no, these demonstrators are NOT suit-and-tie Republicans, but mostly fanatical Far Left types who believe John Kerry and the Democratic Party are too conservative!) is a disgrace. For those who haven't seen pictures of it, it resembles nothing so much as a concentation camp or something out of the Balkans circa early 1990's, chain link fence topped with barbed wire, cameras, lights, and surrounded by various barriers and well-armed police. Again, I have no love lost for the "message" most of these misguided folks are trying to get out, and I understand the need for security. For instance, I agree that demonstrators should be kept an ample distance from the FleetCenter for security. But to pen them in like that when, even if loathsome, they are only attempting to lawfully exercise their right to free speech, it is wrong. Many groups held demonstrations and such on the Common instead (which I think was highly appropriate) but for those groups who wanted to get closer to the "action" to be herded into a pen...imagine the message that is sending to those around the world who are eager to believe the worst about America? And from another standpoint; while I, and I would think many Americans, do not agree w/ the messages of most of the radicals there, the true forces of evil in the world, the terrorist thugs, see only Americans. What would happen if just one explosive-laden terrorist insinuated his/her way into the enclosed pen? How many people, how many Americans, could be put at risk merely for trying to lawfully exercise their rights? It was a major blunder on many levels; hopefully the RNC in New York will learn from the one held here and will employ less heavy-handed methods while stil maintaining needed security.

As for the delegates here, I hope they all enjoyed their time (especially one particular visitor from Ohio! :) and come back again.

"I went back to Ohio/But my city was gone..."

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This Week's Sign that The Apocalypse is upon Us (w/ apologies to SI!)...Michael Jackson allegedly sires quadruplets?! Pray that this is not true!...Vlade Divac. America has been very, VERY good to Vlade Divac. Oh to be 7'1", Serbo-Croatian, 36 years old, and signing a contract for $4.9m to play for the LA Lakers next season after a "stellar" 9.9 ppg/5.7 rpg last season in Sacramento...The Pats signed their #1 pick, NT Vince Wilfork yesterday, should help strengthen the Defending Super Bowl Champs' D-line...Alright; I'm a fan of Linda Ronstadt's music, I think she's an incredibly talented songstress, but please, Linda- just shut up and sing! No one expects to hear George Bush get up and sing at the State Of The Union address; similarly, no one expects to attend a concert and hear a political harangue. Nuf 'ced...Not a terribly original thought, but it's often true; we regret FAR more the things we did not do than the things we did do. Yes, we all make mistakes and sometimes wish we hadn't said or done some of the things we did, but far more regrettable are those chances we didn't take, things we didn't say, dreams we didn't shoot for.
"You and I travel to the beat of a different drum..."

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Alright...enuf of politics and such for a bit...
First...I truly need to get an MP3 player! Nothing- and I mean NOTHING!- is more aggravating (OK, the preceding IS hyperbole!) than going out for a run in the morning and finding NOTHING listenable on the radio! When I run and workout, I cannot listen to news or talk, I need music. This seldom is a problem later in the day when I go to the gym and do my cardio work, but in the favorite rock station will play like maybe 2 songs in a row, then go to their morning show "crew" for 10 minutes of gabbing...same thing with my 2nd fav rock station...the oldies station (yes, I listen...especially since "oldies" these days now includes songs and artists from my early teens, waaaaaahhhhh!) has a host who makes my skin crawl (AND who talks too much!) same thing with the more dance/disco-y orientated station. And a walkman w/ CD player is too heavy to be lugging around while running. So I need to start shopping for an MP3 player!
OK...I need to make a post in praise of...The Regular Guy! In this day of the metrosexual, the Regular Guy needs an 'attaboy or two! (No gal wants to date any guy who's prettier or more obsessed with his grooming and appearance than she is! Unless it's Tom Brady... :) And let's be clear about who and what the Regular Guy is and is not- The Regular Guy is NOT a slob, or dirty, or a dolt, not at all. The Regular Guy is NOT a redneck or bigot, either. The Regular Guy generally holds a decent job, is aware of what is going on in the world around him, but is seldom "cutting-edge" culturally. If the Regular Guy drinks, it's usually beer. The Regular Guy may on occasion smoke a cigar, but seldom cigarettes. The Regular Guy usually works out and is in decent shape, still plays whatever sports he can, but is not obsessed with his physical perfection. The Regular Guy usually holds middle-of-the-road views and values; the Regular Guy has no problem with good, clean, dirty fun, and while he's seldom politically correct, he's just as adverse to those who would attempt to impose their morality on others. The Regular Guy may be intellectual, he may have an inquisitive or even an artistic bent to him, but at the end of the day, few things are more important to him than the fortunes of his favorite sports teams; go to the Regular Guy's home, flip on his television, and chances are VERY good ESPN will be the channel that comes up! His favorite read? Sports Illustrated. The Regular Guy is not to be confused with either the blowhard who carries on and on (and on and on...and on!) about any and every subject, nor is he the johnny-come-lately fan to a suddenly front-running team.  And with the ladies, the Regular Guy is seldom the smoothest, suavest guy in the joint, and is seldom a great dancer, but is usually the most enjoyable to hang with- there's little guile to the Regular Guy. The biggest drawback to the typical Regular Guy? He tends to be NOT lookin' to meet gals like me...waaaaaaaahhhhhh! But anyway, raise a glass and a The Regular Guy!
"He's your oldest and your best friend/If you need him, he'll be there again/He's always willing to be second best/A perfect lodger, a perfect guest..."

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Some thoughts while missing Duke & The Drivers @ the Hatch Shell this evening...(betcha The Duke will be incognito! :)

I had intended a pretty light-hearted entry, but I'll hold that off 'til next time...Did anyone read of the Kerry fundraiser held Thursday in New York? Rush Limbaugh has NOTHING on the voices of hate and intolerance of the Entertainment Left; I can't recall having read of Rush calling the previous President a "thug," as Paul Newman did of President Bush at this soiree. This was a truly repellant event; I can forgive Whoopi Goldberg her ignorance, as I've never expected much in the way of reason or intellect from her to begin with. But some of the others...Chevy Chase saying of President Bush, "This guy's as bright as an egg timer." Um, Chevy? Where did you earn YOUR BA and MBA again? President Bush has degress from Yale and Harvard respectively. Meryl Streep bemoaning the fate of Baghdad civilians caught in the bombing. Putting aside the fact that The Coalition did as much planning as possible to minimize civilian casualites, where was Ms. Streep's similar concern and outrage when the previous Administration was lobbing missiles? Further, where was/is her outrage at the thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqis who suffered for decades at the bloody hands of Saddam? Or the theme throughout the evening of referring to the Bush "regime," attempting to delegitimize this Adminstration? Folks- maybe you missed it? But EVERY org that investigated found that no matter how the counting was done, President Bush still would have won the Florida vote. Apparently the Entertainment Left is getting it's talking points from DNC Central, or wherever. But then, we're not talking the Mensa society here- these are folks who believe the Michael Moore movie is gospel, not one man's interpretation of events.

I should add- I have NO problem with folks voicing intelligent, reasoned, vociferous views. There is nothing unpatriotic or subversive about taking issue with policies and such, and working hard for the candidate of one's choice. But this opposition, if it is to be considered credible, should be principled, and it should be civil. Our national politics have become truly corrosive over the years; mere difference of opinion is no longer enough, the other side must be demonized, portrayed as utterly lacking in any redeeming value. From my observations of history, this contemporary lack of civility seems to have begun with the treatment of Richard Nixon, even pre-Watergate, by much of the liberal media and members of Congress. It was personal, and Nixon's own considerable misdeeds only added to it. President Reagan came in for similar attack (referred to as the "amiable dunce" by one elitist pundit, and scorned and derided by much of the "intelligentsia.") Conservatives got their revenge upon Bill Clinton, as the more rabid voices of talk radio and conservative media tore into him with a vengeance for eight straight years, for sins real and/or perceived. And if possible, this animosity has only increased during W's administration, as voices on the Left are exacting their revenge for- what?- the attacks upon the Clintons, or simply the fact that their candidate lost a razor-close election in 2000? None of this does our political process any good, when not light, but only heat, is brought to bear upon the candidates, important issues of the day, and their stances upon same. If this keeps up, heaven help John Kerry should he win in November, as the abuse heaped upon President Bush and his administration will most likely be returned in spades upon Kerry, by political opponents in Congress, by the conservative punditocracy, and by others not enamored of Kerry or of Democratic policies in general. It should not be this way. It is ugly. The Entertainment Left should be ashamed of themselves for their crass behavior last Thursday.

In disclosure- my politics are such that they are frequently at odds with both the predominating ethos around here (this Bluest of Blue States this election) and within much of the T "community." (I often think I would have made a GREAT New Hampshirite!) I believe in limited government. John Kerry- and most Democrats- does not. (Some could say that, given non-defense/security spending increases in Washington, President Bush and the current GOP Congress do not, either.) Having said that, and having seen his career for close to two decades, I do not believe John Kerry to be a bad man, someone who needs to be demonized or destroyed personally or politically. He's no worse and he's no better than most politicians. I do disagree with him, moreso and on many more issues, than I do President Bush. And differences between the candidates should be dissected and discussed. But civily. As much as who wins this November, this ever-increasingly polarized, embittered, poisoned atmosphere surrounding our politics is going to keep good people from across the political spectrum from getting involved, and will serve only to turn off more and more of the electorate. It has to change.

"Come gather 'round people/Wherever you roam/And admit that the waters/Around you have grown..."

Friday, July 09, 2004

Had a GOOD run this morning, and a GREAT workout this afternoon (a leg day! :)...STILL wanna drop a few more pounds...they'll come off...they'd BETTER!

I trust everyone enjoyed their 4th of July? Mine was VERY nice... :) And the weather couldn't have been more perfect here...the day after was a bit of a rainout, but hey...I won't be able to get my car repaired until next week; my mechanic looked at it, said it was an interior tire rod (?) that failed inspection and that it is a bit of a time-intensive repair and he didn't have time to get to it that day (sadly, my mechanic doesn't do inspections.) So next Tuesday that gets done...$$$

I switched my email over to Yahoo's free service- they offer 100 MB of free storage vs. Hotmail's (current) 2 MB...I guess Hotmail is going to increase theirs as well...but I have Yahoo for some of my other accounts, and I like their interface (sounds geeky, huh?!) better...the new addy is: I think some folks may have gotten the wrong idea about the address title; the "cd" after the "k" does NOT refer to "crossdresser!" Rather; k= kellie c= christine d= well, that's the first letter of my "real" last name, which I most likely will be starting to use w/ my femme identity as I at least TRY to get further with all of this (the "021" simply being part of my zip code.) So there! :)

Recently I've been getting vibes that I've disappointed some folks again? If I have, I apologize...not sure why anyone would be displeased with me as of late, but then sometimes I can miss the obvious...

Alright, I'm off!

"Sometimes I feel/Like I've been tied to the whipping post/Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin'..."

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Made my FINAL payment to the Commonwealth yesterday- yay! What an expen$ive proposition I all-too-stupidly brought upon myself. No one to blame but myself, and I still feel VERY sheepish when I think about it. And it's not completely over yet, as I'm still on- ugh- probation for another two months. But after that (assuming I'm a good girl- and I WILL continue to be) the charges will at last be dismissed.

Anyway...Independence Day tomorrow! And I FINALLY have a weekend free again! Woohoo! Gosh, it's been a long time...jes gonna hang around town, not enuf time, or money, to do much of anything else, but...WHEW! :)

Speaking of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (The Bay State? Oughtta be renamed The Nanny State!) my @#$%ing car failed inspection yesterday, ugh. One of the front tire- rods? struts? whatever- needs to be repaired...I never noticed anything odd while driving, seemed to be riding alright, but then, Dale Earnhart I'm a little more income out goes!

Sox got swept by the Yankees this week. What an ugly series THAT was...they had an opportunity to make up ground, but they blew it. Blame Francona, blame Nomar, blame whomever, or- gasp!- give the Yankees credit. (Sox lost a 2nd straight in extra innings last nite, this time to the Braves.) Those guys down in Foxboro will be starting up again soon, defending their Super Bowl title- go Pats!

Alright, I'm off for my run!

RIP- Marlon Brando.

"Hush, hush, keep it down now/Voices carry..."