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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Labor Day weekend approaching already- yikes, where did this summer go?! Not sure what I'm doing yet; a friend from California may be out this way over the weekend, might try to meet up, but my plans are up in the air right now- hopefully others have some fun-in-the-sun planned!

It's getting near time to resume my earning avocation for the year- hopefully I'll have a more profitable season, particularly on college football, especially with the Big East, than I did last season. Picks for the first weekend of college football:
UMass +25 @UConn  (yeah, a bit of a sentimental pick with my Minutemen's first game at 1A/FBS, but hopefully they'll hang close enough to the Storrs SledDogs- right Chris?! ;)
@UNLV +9 Minnesota
@Michigan State -7 Boise St.
@Penn State -6 Ohio
Miami +1 @BC (I pounded this line)
@Va. Tech -7 Ga. Tech
I also jumped on a few early Week 1 NFL lines:
@NYG -3 Dallas
@Chi -9.5 Indy
@Det -8.5 St. Louis
@NO -9 Washington
@GB -5 SF
All chalk, but week 1, with some rookie QBs in the lineups on the road in a couple of games...

I have a CT scan coming up this Thursday; my oncologist wants to get a peek at how- hopefully!- effective the chemo regimen she started me on the beginning of July is faring after two full rounds (a blood marker they ck had declined nicely when they ck'd after one rd the end of July; hopefully the CT results will confirm the effectiveness.) I still feel well, still able to do all that I do (except I had a- totally uncancer related- heel injury the last two weeks, hadda cut back on my running and cardio, been able to resume this week) in fact I could stand to lose a dress size (I'll blame it on the lack of running/cardio... shure, Kel!) Speaking of which I did get a new pair of running shoes, needed 'em badly! I feel good heading into fall... and anticipating/hoping that things ease off a bit workwise, but hey...

News You Can Lose:
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Binge-drinking students happier and more accepted than others: study  I was happy in college! ;)
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Queens At Heart: Discover the legendary 1967 transgender documentary  A rare and poignant glimpse into pre-Stonewall queer life.

"You better hide your conscience under the bed/You ain't gonna get me outta your head/You think slipped through the cracks somehow/But I got you now..."

Monday, August 06, 2012

Got back last evening from a weekend visiting my brother and his family in western Maine; had a really great time! It is soooooo pretty up there, with the mountains and lakes (and I'm more of a beach/ocean gal than mountains/lakes) and really clear skies at night (no light pollution; it is pretty rural and isolated) so different from Boston and really all of southern New England. And the weather was fantastic! I also spent several hours in Portland, in the Old Port section, had some seafood (fish and chips, and some oysters on the half-shell- yum!) as well as sampled a few of the local breweries' wares :) A nice weekend!

Been a lil busier than I expected recently, and that may continue for a few more weeks yet. But it keeps me busy, pays the bill$. I'd like to try to get down to the Cape, as well as see a few folks, sometime again soon... One of my best T-galpals has really been on a weight loss streak! Last week she cracked the under-200 lbs mark for the first time in a l-o-n-g time (and she had been quite above that.) I can def appreciate the effort and hard work and, most importantly, the consistency it has taken  her to get to that point; many years ago now I was well above 200 lbs (and at- barely- 5'6" that was not a good way, or weight, to be.) She's gonna hafta build up a newer- and smaller!- wardrobe but I think she'll enjoy it. Great work, you- keep at it! As for me I'm still feeling well; lately I've had slightly less pep on my runs and workouts, they've seemed a lil more difficult to push through. It could be some cumulative effects of- now- a year+ taking chemo, or I could simply be slacking off, getting complacent, and need to simply step it up a bit again. Day-to-day stuff is fine, it's simply my workouts have suffered a bit of late. And my appearance has aged more than I'd care for it to since all of this began a lil over a year ago, dammit. Whaddya gonna do... Been getting out and about for a drink or four as time and schedule have permitted but as I mentioned above there are some folks I wanna meet up with/see soon as well... Brief political commentary; I'm not a big fan of Mitt Romney (I voted for him twice in the past- for US Senate in '94 and for Governor in '02; I did not support or vote for him in '08, nor this year) and, given that (barring he's caught in bed with the proverbial dead girl or live boy) Massachusetts' Electoral College votes will be going to President Obama, unless somehow it actually gets very close I'll likely vote for Libertarian candidate (an former two-term Republican Governor of New Mexico) Gary Johnson. Having said that, and put Romney aside for the moment, can anyone except for hardcore Obamaites make the case that Obama deserves a second term in office? Things are not getting better folks; all we are getting is more and more debt. And I'm sorry, but after 3+ years, blaming things on George W. Bush and the mean ol 'Republicans (for the record; the Democrats controlled Congress from '06-'10) doesn't cut it; Reagan didn't blame Carter 3+ years in, Clinton didn't blame Bush 41 3+ years in. And despite ideological differences they were able to work with Congresses of the opposing party, get some things done. Obama has not earned and does not deserve a second term.

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"I hope you're enjoying the scenery/I know that it's pretty up there... "