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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walking home in her wrapped up world
She survived but she's feeling old
'Cuz she found all things cold.
- Strange Little Girl, The Stranglers
(I like this vid better; here's the original.)

And it has been cold this winter- tho' today was pretty nice. (I've felt- waaahhh- older as well.)

Been a hectic last few weeks, feel as if I've been burning the candle on all ends lately. Once again I have a bit of calls/email/messages to return. Not a whole lot- heck, no- down time recently. Just one of those stretches again where I'll look up at some point and wonder where the last few months have gone (hopefully with the end of winter; all kidding aside, it has been a pretty rough winter here this year. Lotta snow and ice and wind and cold.) Run-work-gym-work-home/sleep. Not complainin', just explainin'... On the positive side the ice and snow have lessened; been getting in some decent runs again (hafta get a new pair of running shoes soon.) And a good stretch ATS as well; some nice coin on college hoops this year, and profitable on college and pro football as well. Hey, it's a living, helps pay the bill$... (For those interested: Was my sports bet legal? From March Madness to online poker -- what's legal and what's not in the complex (and lucrative) world of sports betting. Worth noting: What about online betting? Thanks to the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), the online operator of a betting site is committing a crime by accepting money from U.S. residents to fund their accounts. As for those using the sites, Humphrey says, "enforcement actions against individuals are just about non-existent.")

A very good friend of mine is dealing with the loss of a close family member. This is a person who, without exception, has always been in my corner; one of the kindest, friendliest, sanest people I have ever met/known from this part of my life, someone whose life experience has been so similar to my own as well. Just a great person. Thinkin' of ya, C... and keep in touch.

Awhile back I found out that, had I been born GG, I would have been named Victoria. Hmmm... Victoria? Vicki? Tori? All I know is that if I had, like my sister (Valerie) is I also would have been saddled with the initials of a social disease! No!

I realize my thoughts might often come across as self-absorbed or frivolous. On the first count I'll take the Fifth; these are my thoughts, ponderings, anecdotes, et al... I've never claimed or attempted to speak (write?) for anyone else- I'll leave that for others. As for frivolity... yeah, on balance I do try to keep things pretty light. It's not that I don't have any issues or worries or concerns in my life, on a variety of levels, including transitioning. If anyone asked me if I'm near where I'd like to be in my life, again on a variety of levels, I'd answer no. But I'm not an excessively negative person, and I try not to be a whiner; I've usually been a glass half full kinda gal. I prefer not to surround myself with excessively negative people or whiners, so I sure as heck don't want to be one- I'll leave that for others as well. As Oscar Wilde once said: "Life is too short to be taken too seriously."

"Do you know where you could be going..."