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Friday, January 25, 2013

Well, that was a disappointing loss last Sunday for the Patriots. Little to say- they did nothing on either side of the ball for the entire second half. You're not going to win many games doing that. Damn.

Um, I received less-than-great results on the CT scan I had last Tuesday (my birthday yet!) There's still no spread to any other organs but the existing tumors have increased in size again. My oncologist changed my treatment a lil bit, see if that change has an efficiacious effect on things. The problem that we're starting to face is that we are reaching the limits of colon cancer-specific treatment options. There are one or two more things to pursue but beyond those things become much more experimental, trials, studies, etc... We've kinda raced thru treatments, or more accurately, my cancer has raced thru treatments, faster than either expected or hoped for. I still feel well, I truly do. So far it really hasn't impacted my day-to-day life or anything (except, of course, going for treatment once a week.) But my oncologist did say that she would be surprised if we were having a conversation a year from now. Whaddya gonna do...

Friday, January 18, 2013

BIG one down in Foxboro this Sunday- GO PATS!

I trust '13 has gotten off to a good start for any/everyone reading this; I can't complain.Things have been going well, and I'm- finally- looking at a more-amenable schedule beginning later this month. I guess I must be doing something right :) Been doing well AT$ spread as well, finishing off the NFL season nicely and still well up on college hoops- a much better season than last year, whew! I made some time to visit my stylist Alyson at Liquid Hair Tuesday, and she did another outstanding job! Went a lil shorter on this cut (the, um, volume of my hair kinda dictated that, tho' she said that I am seeing some better growth at the roots. Hey, I like a shorter, sportier style anyway!) She is a wonder worker!

Healthwise. I'm still feeling well, still have all my energy and pep, still able to do everything that I used to, that I want to still; all a reflection of the outstanding care and treatment I've been receiving from all of my health care folks. They are truly wonderful. Unfortunately one of the #'s they check on has crept up again. So I have a CT scan scheduled for this coming Tuesday (my birthday yet!) to take a peek, see what may be happening inside. I also had an appointment recently with my primary care physician, a routine check-up on non-cancer stuff. Apparently I'm healthy and well apart from the cancer... and he increased my estrogen dosage as well :)

This coming year... Not long after I was diagnosed (May '11) I asked my oncologist what I might be looking at in terms of time. At that time she told me that the median prognosis was/is slightly over two years. She did later (this past summer) suggest that, given how I'd been doing to date I could be looking at more than that. Certainly I feel well. I'm figuring if I'm still around toward the end of this summer I'll have bested that initial outlook. I do, and fully intend to, live with a bit more urgency, while I still feel well enuf to do so. Sometimes that is difficult for me, as I tend to be very much a creature of habit, not given to spontaneity (no kidding, Kellie!) Anyway, that's the plan...

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"Never thought about tomorrow/Seemed like a long time to come..."

Friday, January 04, 2013

Rolling Stones- Far Away Eyes So if you’re down on you’re luck, I know y'all sympathize Get a girl with far away eyes...