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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random thoughts as summer begins to wind down...

The Bradley/Chelsea Manning case. Much as with the case of a convicted murderer here in Massachusetts who- unfortunately- successfully sued to force the taxpayers of the Commonwealth to pick up the tab for his (yes, I'm going to refer to a convicted murderer, even if trans, in the masculine) hair removal, HRT and, down the road, SRS, I oppose taxpayers' dollars being used to fund such therapy for convicted criminals. One recent report (here) seemed to indicate that Manning was not going to seek transition at taxpayers' expense and, if true, I applaud that. I won't judge the sincerity of these two (or any) indivduals' need/desire to pursue their preferred gender (obviously I can understand the reasons) but I always find it curious that these individuals always seem to seek transitioning assistance after they've been convicted, when they- obviously- have the time (no work/family issues to tend to) to and, often, when it's on someone else's dime: hard-working, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. And also, what message does this send out? Convicted criminals seek to, and often do, receive transitioning assistance (again, 'mones, hair removal, augmentation, therapy, even SRS) on the taxpayers' dime while there are, easily, tens of thousands of hard-working, taxpaying, law abiding trans folks who might welcome, might need, such assistance but, oh yeah, they didn't have the good fortune of committing serious crimes (and yeah, spilling our nation's military secrets, or murdering one's spouse, are serious crimes) and being guests of the government for years, or a lifetime. I realize this POV puts me at odds with some in the T-community (or at least, some of the self-anointed, self-appointed activists and leaders of the community) but I imagine there are T folks who share my sentiments regarding these individuals. Just my .02...
**Addendum: Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck describes Chelsea Manning as a 'traitor'

Football season is fast approaching and with that, wagering season for me! I've already gotten down on a few college and week 1 NFL games (found the Pats at -6.5 vs. Buffalo in their opener, I pounded that; as for UMass being a 44.5-45 pt. dog vs. Wisconsin I'm not touching it!) Hopefully it will be a successful season, ATS as well as for the Pats... and hopefully UMass will improve upon last year.

I met with my oncologist and had treatment today; knock on wood things are still looking pretty good, considering how far along I am in all of this now. My lab #'s all came back great (except for the CEA, a number that indicates, yeah, she has colon cancer, but even that had dropped a couple of hundred points from a month+ ago. Still not affecting my liver, which is the organ we're actually treating, where the cancer had spread to.) I'm blessed to have some truly outstanding people working on my behalf; they're the best!

The next couple of weeks will be busy for my "other" half... Labor Day weekend activities (I should be able to enjoy a cold adult beverage or few again by Saturday or Sunday!) some work stuff, a class reunion to attend, as well as a- potential- weekend trip to Michigan. But beyond mid-month or so I should be looking at a less-hectic schedule... Working for a few hours this evening...

10 on shuffle...
Against The Wind, Bob Seger
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, Dusty Springfield
I've Got You Under My Skin, Frank Sinatra
Underground Fire, The Ventures
Heaven Knows, Donna Summer
Bright Side Of The Road, Van Morrison
Staple It Together, Jack Johnson
Fight Mass, UMass Marching Band
We Can Change, Belinda Carlisle
So Sorry, Feist

"Go, Go U, Go U Mass/ Go UMass..."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sophie B. Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down

As I lay me down to sleep
This I pray, that you will hold me dear
Though I'm far away
I'll whisper your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Football season has started- yay! The Pats looked pretty sharp in their 1st pre-season game last week vs. Philadelphia. It's going to be an interesting season for them; they lost quite a few of their experienced skill-position players in the off-season (Welker, Woodhead, idiot Hernandez) and Gronk is still sidelined; Brady will have more of a challenge getting his new receivers on the same page as him (rookies WR Kenbrell Thompkins and TE Zach Sudfeld have looked promising early on) and the running game should take on additional significance in the offensive scheme early on. The defensive front 7 are still stout but the secondary has been an area of some concern the past few seasons, and likely will continue to be so unless/until players step up consistently. And hopefully TB's sprain at practice yesterday afternoon is nothing more than that... Having said that the Pats should win the- weak AFC East- division yet again, 11 or so W's and yet another trip to the playoffs... Go Pats!

One of the things I've discovered as a result of my chemo treatments- I'm shorter than I thought I was! Since this all started the med staff takes all of my vitals (weight, BP, HR, temp, O2) but once a month or so they also check my height. I always thought I was 5'7"; I often claimed 5'6" as a gal because it sounded a lil more petite and cuter. Turns out I'm 5'5 1/2"! I'm glad I never knew that in high school; I'd never have gone out for and played football or basketball!

Busy bit good stretch here... last weekend my sibs and I celebrated our Mom's 80th birthday- a great time was had by all! My mom is truly remarkable- 80 years old, yet still commutes into Boston 5 days a week to work 40 hours at her job. (Her actual b'day was Tuesday; I went there later to make her a b'day dinner, lobster and fresh corn- yum!) My best friend from high school was back east with his family to visit his parents so he and I met up for awhile Monday, grilled some food, had a few- ok, several- beers, went out for a pizza; was great to see him again... Wednesday I was in the clinic for bi-weekly treatment... And this morning up @ 3.45am to drive my sister out to Logan for an early flight... goofin' off before work now... Whew! I need a vacation! But it's ALL good!

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"We are all just prisoners here of our own device..."