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Sunday, July 22, 2007

10 on shuffle (and an underwhelming Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen- usually it's good, too, but this batch seemed a lil too filtered...)

Cotton Fields- Creedence Clearwater Revival
A Pirate Looks At 40- Jimmy Buffett (the Fenway version)
Denis- Blondie
Roadrunner- Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
Stuck With You- Huey Lewis & the News
Mystery Achievement- The Pretenders
I'm Gonna Getcha Good!- Shania Twain
Maybe Sparrow- Neko Case
Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash
Straight On- Heart

"Radio on!/I got the modern sounds of modern Massachusetts/I've got the world, got the turnpike..."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Still trying to heal up and recharge:
Saturday, June 02, 2007

I've often tended to be a bit (too?) introspective, but that hasn't been a problem as much as feeling too frustrated, too short-tempered (at times quite reasonably- and deservedly!- so), too drained and worst, too pessimistic, for too long now. Despite my introspection, by nature I've also usually been a pretty optimistic person, which is why this recent spell has been particularly troubling to me. There are many people in this world who are by nature gloomy, negative downers. I don't believe I'm one of them (I've been called "perky" too many times! :) Without being too specific, the difficulties and frustrations I have felt of late have been both professional and personal, things which have seemed to have been beyond my ability to shape and change for the better. Perhaps that is what has been at the crux of my unease, not seeing desired results despite considerable initiative and efforts. As such, for the time being I'm still remaining pulled into myself, until I can begin at last to break this logjam.

Should I be able to cobble together an initial, um, investment, I do have some plans to try to supplement my income with some strategic, researched, prudent financial investments this fall in a field where I have some knowledge and expertise. Obviously there is some risk for the- potential- reward, but too often I play things too safely as is. More on this as warranted.

"The tide is high but I'm holding on/I'm gonna be your number one/I'm not the kinda girl who gives up just like that/Oh no-o-o..."

Friday, July 06, 2007

"The day can come when you get old and sick and tired of life
You just never realize
Maybe the choice you made wasn't really right
But you go out and you don't come back at night, so
I'm just sittin' on a fence
You can say I got no sense
Trying to make up my mind
Really is too hard to find
So I'm sittin' on a fence."

Sittin' On A Fence- Rolling Stones